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We humans are social beings. It is obvious this last decade has been the most de-humanising one in our entire history. We have become attached to our screens, we are used as lab rats by corporations and now we have criminalised visiting loved ones and hugging them due to Covid-19. If we follow this path, we are going to strip society and ourselves of what makes us human. I believe The Back-Bone Project is a step in the right direction. It contains several different anti-social decontamination methods. They range from making the use of phones less than practical (Canopy), to creating bonds between customer and company (Barter), creating a sense of community (Retail) and allowing our connections to grow and deepen (Rest). I believe in a future together and so should you.

My site is an old railway station which houses nearly 50 different arches which is now simply used as a dumping ground for materials, and equipment used to maintain the railway lines. My chosen site as it is so special, not only because of its location or history or character, or shapes or colours but mainly because it is one of few sites where you can actually feel your surroundings without touching them. The active railway tracks above and next to my site create vibrations and sounds that not only create an out-worldly atmosphere but also make you feel part of something bigger.


My inspiration comes straight from the site and the extensive use of arches as retail spaces.

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Skirl manuel.jpeg


wood lane arches.jpeg


1. Street Market in Marrakesh

2. Im VIADUKT in Zurich

3. mAAch in Tokyo

4. Manuel Skirl

5. Woodlane Arches in London

2D Development

Asset 1.png
drawing 2_edited_edited.png
drawing 2.2.png
drawing 2.1.png

3D Development

repetition model.png
sound model2.png
medium model1.png
medium model2.png
vibrations model2.png
bridge model.png
small model1.png
plan wave model.png
photo scale model.png
model 1.6 copy.png
canopy model.png

Spatial Proposal

photo scale model2.png
photo scale model3.png

For a more insightful view of the space and my process please click here.