The basis of this project was to adapt and adhere to the necessities of a colleague created character with his or her own hobbies, interests, studies, personalities, friends, spacial needs personal needs and many other affecting design factors which shaped our abilities to design for others and to be less selfish and perhaps more selfless when designing for a imaginary client. This technique of swapping personas is very helpful so that you don't fall into the trap of designing for yourself or for someone around you. It also helps with the extracting of information from a client with an open brief. when you are given a wide and blank brief it is sometimes impossible to create something meaningful not just meaningful to the client but to yourself as well.  

My idea was born from the travel interests of my persona, a voyeur, multicultural, curious, by-lingual and all round culture vulture. She and her brother had traveled to every continent except for Africa. by the time she was 16 she had visited 25 countries, and had lived in 3 of them. With her clear interest in travel I searched for possible inspiration and came across many sculptures and drawings inspired by plane paths and transport routes which were very interesting given their random but at the same time calculated playfulness as plane routes are one of the most controlled, and safest ways of travelind and therefore they are very well thought out and very strict and this should result in a very dull diagram of flight paths but it lreaves us with an array of beautiful lines and intersect and shapes which i went on to investigate and eventually take inspiration from. In the end it ended up being a very interesting project and it was also very hard.