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This brief took place in West Ward Works an amazing yet old and abandoned building with a rich art and design history and with an incredible location. It is situated around a 2 minute walk to the university and therefore when asked to create student housing it felt like a more than perfect fit. Our task was to create a comfortable and inviting living space for around 30 students. We each received a completely different student and were told basic information about them like their hobbies, likes and dislikes as well as their past and provenance. After analyzing this information we created our response to these peoples characters and personality traits and it wasn't about them and their perfect space it was more about a character development and response to that persona. Once the housing was completed we moved on to the social areas that all these people would have to study, learn, take breaks, eat, wash and spend time in. This felt like a much more daunting and difficult task as it was in groups and we would have to combine our styles, communicate and learn together to reach our goal of creating the perfect LEARN space. Our final outcome was a series golden ratio/interactive/play and sense learning. There were some aspects of bio-mimicry and mathematic ratios that delivered an incredibly detailed learn space that was multi-functional and welcoming.